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The Spanish Association of Irrigation Manufacturers, AFRE, created in 1998, is the only non-profit national association which objectives are to represent, defend, promote and develop the Spanish irrigation Technologies. AFRE clusters currently 43 manufacturing members and 38 other organizations of the water technology sector (installation and engineering companies, technology centres, media, institutions public administrations and associations) members. All Water and irrigation technology manufacturers’ members have factories located within the Spanish territory and founding capital of European Union provenance. Some of them have production centres in other EU Countries and in other regions. AFRE coordinates the Spanish Water and Irrigation Technology Platform (homonym to the Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform, WssTP).The Spanish Water and Irrigation Technology Platform is a forum of public-private co-operation for R&D+i among all technological and scientific agents in the promotion of R&D+i and the continuous improvement of technology applicable to the sustainable management of the complete water cycle.

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