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EIC is an association which gathers several Irrigators Communities along the Mediterranean sea. There are members from different countries which belong to this association like Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain. Important associations in their own contries like FENACORE (Spain), FENAREG (Portugal), Consorzio di Bonifica (Italy), 10 Water Bodies Association (Egypt) are part of EIC. The objetives could be summarized in:

To represent the members before International Organizations and Associations related to agriculture, water and irrigation.

To represent the members and the European irrigation at the European Union and its Institutions facilitating the participation of the users in water policies of the European Union.

To analyse and study the application and possible impacts of the EU Water Framework Directive on European and Mediterranean irrigation.

To study the relations between agriculture and the environment favouring its coexistence and promoting the diffusion, knowledge and application of the Code of Good Agricultural Practices and all the measures facilitating the sustainability of irrigation and the environmental training of farmers and irrigators from a sustainable development approach.

To assess the benefits and the positive externalities of irrigation for the environment (oxygen production, population settlement, land organization, soil erosion protection, etc.), and for the society at large (jobs, induced economy, etc ) .

To exchange technologies and methods that allow to improve and to solve problems related to the conservation of soil, territory and natural resources, and to the modernization and maintenance of irrigation infrastructures and the hydraulic management of irrigation.

To exchange experiences with users` institutions and associations of other countriesL’EIC est une association rassemblant plusieurs syndicats d’irrigants du bassin méditerranéen. Cette association possède ainsi des membres dans plusieurs pays : Égypte, Tunisie, Maroc, France, Italie, Portugal, Grèce et Espagne. D’importantes associations au sein de ces pays, telles que FENACORE (Espagne), FENAREG (Portugal), Consorzio di Bonifica (Italie) et 10 Water Bodies Association (Égypte) font elles aussi partie de l’EIC. Ses principaux objectifs sont les suivants :

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