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Debbane Freres works in Lebanon since 1952 and form parts of Debbane Group which currently counts 23 companies active in various fields of business and covering many international markets. Debbane Group strives to maintain a leading position, in its various fields of activities, through offering the most professional and reliable services and products.
Debbane Freres continuously introduced irrigation systems, sophisticated accessories, specialty pesticides and high quality seeds suitable for each country after testing them in our local trial stations and conducting large scale demos to develop those products and adapt their use to local market conditions. Line of business: Pesticides, Agricultural consulting & management, Seeds & Forage crops Public health division, Fertilizers Crop storage facilities, Manufacturers of greenhouses & shade nets Post harvest products, Irrigation systems Food processing lines, Agricultural equipment and machinery Agricultural publishing: “AGROTICA magazine for the Middle East and Arab world”, Arabic agricultural

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