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The Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II is the largest public multidisciplinary training, research and development public institution in Morocco. The main campus is located in Rabat and the Agadir Campus is specialized in Horticulture, Plant Protection and Landscape Architecture. It has a staff of more than 1000 employees, among these 350 faculty members tackiling various agriculture fields including veterinary medicine, agronomy, topography, food technology, rural economics and ingineering, irrigation etc. The Agadir campus (IAV-CHA) where the project will be hosted contains a staff of 30 faculty covering plant protection, horticulture and landscape horticulture. This has ted to creation of a network of farmers/producers whose production is mostly geared towards export and organized as export groups (citrus and vegetables are the main products). The group regularly organizes seminars, workshops and group discussions in which the main issues related to various aspects of horticultural production are discussed. Examples include: cultural practices, new diseases and pest, disease and pest management, new technologies, optimization of use of natural resources and other inputs etc.

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