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Sapiama is a society of farmers integrated in a big private company of citrus production (Domained Kabbage). This company has a total area of cultivation close to 1500 Ha and a total production per year of 20000 tons. The citrus orchards of Sapiama (mainly mandarins and clementines) are located in the South of Morocco, at 80 Km in the east of Agadir, being the annual rainfull around 250 mm and the annual average highest temperature close to 30║C. The importance of IRRIQUAL for Morocco is great, because the Citrus production in Morocco (close 1.2 million tons) is developed in four main areas: the Southern Agadir-Marrakesh zone, the Beni Mellal zone, the Gharb area and Lower Moulouyia. The most of these zones have important problems of water availability. Dra. L. Khouimi will be the responsible researcher for this partner.

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