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CER has been carrying out researches on the sustainable use of water resources since 1959 and it has become involved in EU projects since 1990. The CERís main fields of research are: crop response to irrigation and fertigation; irrigation impact on food quality; crop physiology; development of models and DSS; Crop Water Stress Index Curves (infrared thermometry); studies on the circulation and accumulation in soil and water of nutrients and contaminants; test of irrigation technologies; poor quality water treatments. The CERís extension services have more than 21000 contacts per year and about 10000 registered users. CER is the point of reference for the Emilia Romagna Government, Institutional Water Stakeholders and Grower Associations for the sustainable use of water in agriculture, the irrigation water quality and the reuse of treated waste water. The CER, as Consortium formed by Land and Water Requirement Consortia, act in a double way: as a main water stakeholder and as a research team carrying out researches on irrigation from more than 40 years.

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